Drug Intervention in Perth Amboy, NJ

Performing an intervention is not easy. It can an event filled with fear and emotional turmoil. Drug intervention in Perth Amboy can help to take the uncertainty out of an intervention by providing expert assistance in staging and managing the event.

Drug intervention in Perth Amboy can also help to ensure that all participants understand the overall purpose of intervening and help individuals and families to execute a successful intervention under the compassionate guidance of trained, caring staff.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention is a structured meeting in which family, friends, co-workers, and other important individuals in an addict's life attempt to persuade an addict to seek help. The media often portrays interventions as heated confrontations and outright brawls, but they are not meant to be confrontational. The purpose of an intervention is to show support to a loved one who is suffering from addiction and urge them to seek assistance in overcoming the disease.

It is an opportunity for addicted individuals to accept help, which is the first step in recovery. With the help of an interventionist (someone skilled in coordinating interventions), an intervention can be a non-judgmental event in which love and care are expressed in a supportive manner.

How to Stage a Drug Intervention for Addiction?

There are two ways to stage a drug addiction intervention. Families and friends can stage an intervention themselves or they can seek out an experienced interventionist to help in the process. With the assistance of an interventionist, an intervention is more likely to be successful and lead to admission to our inpatient rehab in Perth Amboy.

Whether a professional is involved or not, however, the basics of staging an intervention are the same. The goal is to provide support to the addict and to convince the individual to seek professional help. Interventions should be non-judgmental and non-confrontational. The goal is not to point out the person's bad behavior, but rather to break through barriers, like denial, that are preventing the person from seeking treatment programs in Perth Amboy and thus getting on with a happy, healthy life.

During a drug intervention for addiction, participants attempt to help an addict understand how his or her addiction is affecting not just himself or herself, but loved ones, acquaintances, and the community as well. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep a balance between healthy discussion and outright confrontation during such an emotional event.

Without the help of a professional, an intervention can veer into blame and confrontation and quickly become counterproductive. Drug intervention in Perth Amboy can help to ensure a successful, focused, supportive intervention that achieves positive results.

For those deciding to undertake an intervention without the help of a professional interventionist, remember that:

  • Never perform an intervention alone. It should always be done in a group so that an addict cannot simply dismiss an individual's concerns as not representative of reality.
  • Interventions should be staged when the addict is sober.
  • Addicts do not have to "hit rock bottom" for an intervention to be successful. In fact, interventions are most successful when performed early in the addiction process.
  • Addiction is a disease, not a personality flaw. Chemical dependency changes an addict's brain. It will take more than just willpower to overcome addiction. Professional help is critical.
  • Addicts do not sever ties with people involved in an intervention. Interventions done with care and compassion don't alienate people; they bring them closer to one another.
  • Interventions should be staged in familiar, non-threatening settings.
  • Don't be surprised if the first intervention fails or if the intervention ends with yelling on the part of the addict and anger. Most addicts eventually recognize that the intervention was in their best interest.

Who Should Be at An Intervention?

Anyone who cares about the addict should be involved. Who these people are will differ from one intervention to the next. Examples of people who could be at an intervention include:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Spouses
  • Friends
  • Co-workers

Children can participate in and be effective members of an intervention. They should be prepared ahead of time for the intense emotions that interventions stir up regardless of whether they participate. It is a good idea to seek the guidance of a professional interventionist even if you think you will have no problem handling an intervention. Humans are unpredictable and a bad intervention can do more harm than good.

A professional interventionist can conduct pre-intervention preparations, help determine who should be involved, talk to children about what to expect, and serve as moderators during the actual intervention. Professionals can also provide assistance in transitioning to a drug intervention center after a successful intervention.

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