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Treatment programs in Perth Amboy are tailored to fit the needs of every individual to provide the best possible outcomes.

Addiction treatment encompasses all therapies that can help addicts achieve or maintain sobriety. Most people are familiar with addiction treatment programs like AA, but may be less familiar with drug treatment programs that include approaches like art therapy, biofeedback, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Anything that helps an addict to reach recovery or maintain sobriety can be classified as an addiction treatment therapy. Recovery is the period immediately following our drug detox in Perth Amboy, during which an addict works to overcome an active addiction. Treatment during this phase of therapy focuses on managing withdrawal symptoms, reducing cravings, and exploring the triggers that lead to drug or alcohol use.

Many people think that programs like our inpatient rehab in Perth Amboy focus primarily on ending addiction, but the bulk of treatment is focused on maintaining sobriety. Maintaining sobriety is about providing addicts with the tools to recognize high-risk situations and emotional states so that they can be dealt with constructively. Treatment programs in Perth Amboy are specifically designed to help every addict deal with his or her triggers and high-risk situations.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs?

Addiction treatment programs range in variety because no single treatment is right for everyone. Additionally, no single treatment program is right for one individual at all times. Treatment programs must frequently be reviewed and often modified to fit the changing needs of an individual. Treatment programs also should not focus strictly on substance abuse, but address all of an addict's needs including social, health, and personal factors.


Medication plays a critical role not just in achieving sobriety, but in maintaining sobriety as well. Medications can help to reestablish normal brain function and decrease cravings. There are specific medications available for treatment of opioid, tobacco, and alcohol addiction, but there are also general classes of medication available for treatment of addiction in multiple different forms.

It is important to keep in mind that recovered addicts may use medications at any point during the recovery process for the relapse prevention process. Going back on a medication after it has been stopped does not indicate failure of relapse prevention, but is rather simply one aspect of a multifaceted plan to maintain sobriety.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is the yang to medication's yin. No treatment plan is complete without counseling used in combination with medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most effective methods used by treatment programs in Perth Amboy. CBT is a process in which the root causes of behavior are identified along with potential triggers so that an addict can develop tools for changing behavior and avoiding or coping with triggers. This method is also effective in treating dual diagnosis in Perth Amboy.


Biofeedback is a process of gaining greater awareness of physiologic and mental processes. It can use instruments to provide information on the status of various body systems such as brainwaves, muscle tone, heart rate, and more. Biofeedback is often used to uncover responses to emotions, behaviors, and various stimuli with the goal being to learn how to control those responses so as to mitigate their impact. In the case of an addict, biofeedback may involve being exposed to the substance of abuse and learning how to control thoughts, heartrate, breathing, and so forth so as to mitigate the drive to partake in the substance.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a creative method of expression that uses art and the process of making art to facilitate an exchange between an individual and therapist. Art therapy can provide a means of indirect communication that allows individuals to express through art feelings and emotions they find difficult to express in face-to-face conversation.

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Effective addiction treatment programs are supportive, non-confrontational, and adaptive. Treatment programs in Perth Amboy are designed to help addicts address mental and physical health issues, social issues, and family and relationship concerns in addition to alcohol or drug abuse problems.

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